VideraBio invents and innovates low cost sustainable routes for the production of high value natural products with a focus on health and nutrition.


Why We Exist

We exist to exploit the latest advancements in biotechnology for the benefit of society and the environment. We have a unique range of skills and experiences that we are leveraging to develop disruptive technology. We are passionate about making what works in the lab work on a commercial scale and we believe that now is the time to act.

What We Do

We have developed a visionary approach to the design, integration and exploitation of advanced biotechnology and process development to make a wide range of natural products in a better way. We employ a robust methodology drawn from years of experience which spans science and technology – we choose the host to suit the product, not the other way round.


Our aim is to produce products and processes that are lower cost, provide higher performance, have a reliable supply and a stable price, are sustainably produced and achieve our customers’ and investors financial objectives. To this end we engage with customers and perform market research to ensure that we effectively deploy our resources and rapidly gain advances.


To achieve this we design living factories, we contract manufacture our products and commercialise through collaboration with established supply chain partners. We operate a flexible licensing and partnership model to exploit our product portfolio. Hence, we are continuously developing strategies for a wide range of products and looking for new challenges to test our technology.